Common Methods and Analytical Approaches

In this section, we identify and describe methods that are commonly used when doing qualitative research in healthcare settings.  We discuss the following methods for collecting data:



Collecting Texts and Artifacts

When considering methods for data collection, one should also consider the approach for analyzing data.  We discuss a number of

Common Analytical Approaches

Our rationale for connecting methods of data collection and analysis

Methods of data collection and methods of analysis are linked and shaped by the researcher's committment to a particular tradition or approach to social inquiry.  For example, conversation analysts have a particular committment to studying naturally occuring conversation.  To do this effectively requires the use of certain types of data collection methods (typically, verbatim audio or video recordings) and a particular type of analytical approach that involve special transcription and data analysis techniques.  This is whywe suggest you consider these two areas together.

Keep in Mind...

As mentioned the background section, qualitative research does not emerge from a single tradition and beliefs about the appropriatness of  different data collection and analysis techniques varying widely, with differences and conflict emerging about what is the 'best' approach.