Examples of Qualiatatiive Reearch

Here we provide links to published qualitative research in the health care field that we felt exemplified good practice. 



Back, AL, Starks, H, Hsu, C, Gordon, JR. Bharucha, A. Pearlman, RA. (2002) Clinician-patient interactions about requests for physician-assisted suidide: a patient and family view. Archives of  Internal Medicine.  162(11) 1257-1265.

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Gubrium, JF, Rittman, MR, Williams, C, Young, ME, Boylstein, CA. (2003)Benchmarking as everyday functional assessment in stroke recovery. J Gerontol B Psychol Sci Soc Sci, 58(4) S203-211.


Focus Groups

Irwin, K, Bertrand, J, Mibandumba, N, et al. (1991). Knowledge, attitudes and beliefs about HIV infection and AIDS among health factory workers and their wives, Kinshasa, Zaire. Social Science and Medicine. 32(8) 917-930.

Bradley, EH, McGraw, SA, Curry, L. et al. (2002). Expanding the Andersen model: the role of psychosocial factors in long-term care use. Health Services Research, 37(5) 1221-1242.



Participant observation

Jervis, LL. (2001). The polluation of incontinence and the dirty work of caregiving in the U.S. nursing home.  Medical Anthropology Quarterly. 15 (1) 84-99.

Ware, NC, Lachicotte, WE, Kirschner, SR, Cortes, DE, Good, BJ. (2000). Clinician experiences or managed mental health care: a re-reading of the threat. Medical Anthropology Quarterly. 14(1) 3-27.


Non-participant observation

Robinson, JD. (2001). Closing medical encounters: two physician practices and their implications for the expression of patients' unstated concerns. Social science and medicine. 53(5) 639-656.

Heritage, J & Maynard, DW. (Eds.). Communication in Medical Care: Interactions between primary care physicians and patients. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 2006.


Mixed Methods

Please look at the special issue on mixed methods research published in the July/August 2006 issue of Annals of Family Medicine