Poor Implementation of the Chosen Method

Examples from Reviewers' Comments

"In my opinion, each focus group needs to be diversely representative of the public and not limited to one or two view points."

"How are the researchers assuring that the bandwagon effect is not overly influencing participants in focus groups?"

"There is no information about how the interviews proceeded and how the interviewers managed to get in depth answers to a large number of complex and personal questions within 20 minutes." 

"There are too many questions and sub-questions in the interview guide.  Many of these could have been 'grand tour' questions.  Rather than having 29 questions, 5-6 would be a more reasonable number. Additionally, given the personal nature of the questions, I don't think telephone interviews was an appropriate data collection method.  Therefore I question the quality and depth of the information obtained."

"I am not clear why the researchers did so many interviews.  If they would have iteratively selected 15-20 people for more in depth interviews and extended the length of the interview substantially this would have resulted in richer data rather than a large number of brief interviews with superficial responses."

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