Superficial Analysis

Examples from Reviewers' Comments

"The analysis of the data remains undeveloped.  The results section is a report of the categories of codes rather than a synthesis of findings that tell us something new about the conceptualization of pregnancy intendedness for men." 

"The findings of this manuscript really only scratch the surface, failing to get into the complexities of some of the barriers and facilitators to implementing IT-based interventions in practice settings."

"The results section is too much like a list, and you have included too many comments.  One or two or at the most three representative comments are enough."

"The coding scheme seems to be only categories into which subjects' statements could be grouped (comments about people, practice, work, place, purpose).  These categories could have been created without seeing the data and simply reflect the breadth of categories of things in people lives.  As a result, I don't think we learn anything useful about the data from their manipulation through analysis."

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