Unclear Focus

Examples from Reviewers' Comments

"Major concerns relate to presentation of findings.  Better linking the set-up of a specific problem in the introduction with the role of the model in defining the problem and then using the model to guide the presentation of the analysis plan, results and interpretation of the findings."

"There is some confusion over the nature of the actual purpose and focus of the manuscript.  At one point it is mentioned that the substantive topic of interest is patient evaluations and preferences, yet these are not included in the Results."

"The manuscript lacks focus.  It is never clear what exactly the authors were attempting to study.  At some points, the study seems to be about factors that include MDs decisions about medications they prescribe.  At other points, the study seems to be concerned about strategies MDs use to increase patient compliance and get buy-in around the use of anti-depressants.  The manuscript would be greatly improved if the focus were narrowed to a single topic."

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